My “fear” of fear


I am starting to fear what it is that I am supposed to be afraid of.


Where does “fear” come from? The media? Childhood?


I can remember being a young child, and like other kids my age, I wanted to fit in. So to be “cool” in 70’s, you had to have seen the newest “Scary Zombie” movie that was in theaters, (a near impossible thing for a young boy to do.)


My mother informed me that there was no way that I would see a “Zombie” movie. She said it would give me nightmares. But, somehow, we found a “willing” parent to take us.


My mother was right…

I had forgotten that we lived in an old house which had stairways that “creaked” for no reason. I forgot how scary the wind sounds at night, when you cannot fall asleep. I was sure that a zombie was in my house. And this zombie was hungry for- ME.





Today, being much more mature, I can chuckle about being afraid of zombies. Nowadays, I would never be afraid of the “undead” because my fears have grown up along with my worldly understanding on life. Today; I do not fear zombies.


Today: I am afraid of peanut butter.


I am afraid of cows that are “mad,” birds that have the flu…


And I fear: “ticks.”


(Though, I’m not really sure what a “tick” is?)


If I were more curious, I bet that a professor at Allegheny College probably has a jar full of “ticks” on display. A person could view these “ticks” running, (IE: hopping, dropping; whatever “ticks” do?) 


I’m not sure what a “tick” looks like, but none the less, I am afraid of them. I fear the tick because they are chuck full of “Lyme Disease” and they pass it on to us.


It is funny how time changes things!


Today, I no longer fear zombies.


As a child, I would never have feared peanut butter, cows that are mad, birds with the flu, or a little bug called a “tick.”


What will we “fear” this summer?


 This next political cartoon appeared in “The Meadville Tribune.”

It was one of the worst cartoons I have done, as of late. However, the joke hit the spot of what was happening in that community.

You could spend several days working on a cartoon to get it right, send it out, and never hear from the papers.

Then you spend an hour throwing ink on paper and that is the cartoon that sells..??

Go figure..??

(Note) Not all of my political cartoons appear on this web site.

I have to keep them private until they are sold, or turned down, by the Newspapers.



You have offended me for the last time

I just read a story in which some people are offended that White actor: Robert Downey Jr was nominated for an award for playing a Black Man in the movie “Tropic Thunder.”

Actually, Robert plays a White actor who is playing a Black man. So it isn’t Robert playing a Black man. (Although he is.) You following me on this..??

So, some people feel that a White guy playing a Black guy is a little Queer.

(I’m sorry. I didn’t mean “queer” as referring to a persons sexual preference.)
Let me try this again…
Some people are offended that a modern movie and a present day actor would actually have a White man paint his face dark and play a Black man.
Do these “offended” people have a point here? Or are they just being gay?

(OK, I screwed up again. I didn’t mean “gay” as in homosexual. I meant “gay” as in “weird.”)
Oh.. Crap..??
I didn’t mean to say that “gay” was weird. I meant “gay” in the sense like they would have used the term “gay” back in the 1940’s. Back when a White man could play a Black Man in a movie and no one would be offended.

OK, I didn’t mean that Black people in the 1940’s were more “tolerant” than Black people today. No, I didn’t mean that at all.
What I was trying to say is that in the 1940’s, you didn’t have people getting offended if a White man played a Black man or an Indian.

Hey, in the 40’s, they called Native Americans: “Indians.”
What the hell does that have to do with me..!!

What the #@$# could I have possibly said that would have offended a cow..??

Hey, all of you “offended” people are really starting to piss me off..!!
I can’t say anything without “offending” someone.

I have never been this “offended” in all my life..!!




Very good , funny but TRUE  ,, THANKS for starting my day with a laugh….


Well done! Good timing too, especially lately.


Everyone gets offended nowadays.  I’m with you on this one…  I guess white people are the only one ANYONE can make fun off    and nobody says one thing.  This world is full of hipocrisy.  If I was white I’d be pissed as hell   lol.  Awesome post!


this was awesome


Oh, too true, all of it.  I’m with Joe – thanks for the laugh!


But wait Rick!!!  What about the movie “White Chicks” where not only did black actors play white people but black men played the parts of white women?  The movie even won a BET Comedy Award!!!  Did anyone claim to be offended by that?  Hmmmm…..?


I am so offended by that!{#yeah-sure.gif}

Rick Said:

Everything on this page has offended me..!!


Let’s just break it down for the libbies who still don’t get it.  To them:
free speech = illegal speech
I’m offended at the hypocrisy of liberals, but then, since I’m white, male, and conservative, it’s not like my opinion matters.  And that’s not racist in the least…nope, nosireebob….


As Hank Hill once said,the only ones you can legally make fun of anymore are middle aged white males. {#flag.gif}

Looking for a new business idea..??
How about a topless coffee shop..??
(I guess that DOESN’T mean that the CUP comes without a lid…)


Crawford County’s own: Sharon Stone


As she was seen at a Hollywood party for AIDS given by Elton John.


Sorry kids, I had to use a black bar to cover Ms. Stone’s “stuff.”


Because she DIDN’T. (Cover her “stuff”, that is…)


Since the economy is not real good right now, people are looking for ways to make money.
Here at Rick’s Pics, we have compiled a list of “things” that could become valuable over time, because of their historical content.
If you see any of these things, you may want to save them because they could be valuable in the future..!!
Let’s get started…

President Obama’s new Food and Drug Administration Chief is Margaret Hamburg. So, be on the lookout for a headline that reads:
“..Hamburg warns of the danger of eating hamburg..”

(OK, I admit that one was too easy. Let’s try another…)

If you can find any picture that shows what Republicans think that Democrats are talking about, when Democrats talk about “sex education for school children.”

That picture could be valuable in the future, also…

Keep any official government document with the term “terrorist” or “enemy combatant” written on it. This government document could pull in some decent buck..!!
President Obama has stated that he will no longer use the terms: Terrorist, or enemy combatant, or prison camp.

The new term that President Obama wants you to use is: “social confinement commune.”
It’s a great term..!! (Social Confinement Commune.)
A commune is a happy place where everything is provided for you. You need not do a thing or lift a finger. It is social, there are LOTS of people around you. And you are confined and cannot EVER leave.
Look for Big money from BIG places…

Look for and save a copy of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” where he tears into “Mad Money’s Jim Cramer.”

It is valuable because it shows a democrat going after someone who TALKS about the economy, (as opposed to going after someone who actually hurt the economy like: Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Alan Greenspan, or Hank Paulson.)
Stewart winds up, he swings, and slams the ball into LEFT field..!! (Out of bounds, strike one.)

For Jon Stewart’s next “hard hitting” interview, he will address steroid use in baseball. Jon Stewart will whip the crap out of Bob Costas. (Bob Costas: is a sportscaster. Costas doesn’t play baseball or take steroids, however he does talk about baseball on TV.)
Also valuable one day…

Modern “Tea Parties” are becoming a common thing. These people gather to protest BIG government spending and BIG government power over your freedom.
A printed notice of one of these “tea parties” during the Obama administration is not very valuable because there are many of them. However, a printed notice of a “Tea Party” during the Bush administration is worth money.
(Think about that one, for a minute..!!)
Also valuable…

A copy of former college professor Ward Churchill singing: “God bless America” or “The National Anthem” will sell for a million bucks. Snatch one up if you can find it.
(Come on… Ward Churchill had to have attended a baseball game. Maybe he started to mumble “The National Anthem” or “God bless America” by accident?)
Also valuable to collectors…

Rush Limbaugh is sick from a cold or flu, twice every month. Matter of fact, Rush was sick last Monday and almost didn’t do his show. If you can find an audio tape of Rush Limbaugh selling “Airborne” cold remedy (Airborne: is supposed to stop or shorten a cold) snatch that audio tape up. More valuable yet: if you can find a commercial with Rush selling Airborne while hacking and coughing; you have struck gold..!!
The money rolls in…

If you can find a video tape of Barack Obama telling America that he will stop earmarks. Any video clip where Obama stated that he will not sign bills filled with earmarks, will be as valuable as President George HW Bush saying: “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

Here’s another one…

If you can find any property with one of Glenn Beck’s bomb shelters built on it, BUY IT. It will be valuable.

(How to recognize a Glenn Beck bomb shelter?)
Glenn Beck’s bomb shelters are similar to other bomb shelters as in: it is filled with can food, guns, survival books, and bottled water. However, Beck’s shelter is different because it is filled with copies of the book “The Christmas Sweater” to sell to the masses after he peeks outside.
And Beck’s Bomb shelter comes complete with a radio broadcast booth and transmitter so he can continue to broadcast “Mor-on Trivia” even after the fall of Western society.
(Note) don’t be confused with the “old” bomb shelters that Beck built for terrorism 3 years ago.
(Also Note) don’t be confused by the bomb shelters that Beck built for Mexican people flooding into America last year.
We are talking about the current Beck bomb shelters; built to protect Beck from total economic collapse of the Western World.
And finally…
President Obama’s: “Hope and Change.”

If you can find it…

It’s really, really valuable..!!


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3vm.gif (2240 bytes) I enjoyed the post, Rick!





ok….i’ve finished laughing and now looking for the gems to keep and score big on in the future. looks like i’m going to need them. thanks for the heads up…



Rick’s Pics


Thanks for stopping by.{#thanks.gif}{#thanks.gif}





Interesting picture with the school bus – it also looks like one of those small ones – like the ones they use for special ed. kids.  Eek!  {#what-the-oh-my.gif}





My school never went to that kind of “field trip”???





Gee…I want to go back to school. I missed some of those educational school trips to that kind of ART Gallery! Could I be a chaperon now?





Those are all great suggestions, I however am already set for life. I have an authentic picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the same room together AFTER he left office! It’s gotta be worth a bundle! I’m gonna put it on ebay or maybe I’ll trade it for a “stocked” Beck Bunker!{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif}  



Rick’s Pics


I have not yet found a “Beck Bunker”, but I am going to keep looking.

If I find one, I might trade it for a picture of Bill and Hill in the same room.






LOL thought I’d visit the site of someone that shares my sentiments!  Your post is too funny!  Love the pics of  “o” especially the finger one,,,have you found the magic bunker ,,are we to bulid our own???   thanks for the laughts,,,and the truth!rose



Rick’s Pics


not yet, but I will keep looking.

Thanks for the comment..!!



Safe cigarettes: boring you to death


Safe cigarettes: boring you to death


Let me start this editorial out by saying that cigarettes are bad for you. Cigarettes can kill.


We all know this. Matter of fact; when a baby is born, just after the doctor smacks life into this child, (the first “smack” of many to come for this poor child) the first four words out of this child’s mouth are: Mamma, Dada, and cigarettes kill.


We know that cigarettes can kill.


So excuse me while I contemplate the irony in a “safe- cigarette”?


For those who may not know, Pennsylvania has passed the “fire- safe cigarette” law this year and these “nasty treats” have hit stores in Meadville.


The “safe- cigarette” burns itself out if you are not constantly puffing on it and it tastes like garbage. Stale garbage.


I know what you are thinking; “Why doesn’t he just quit smoking?


You would have a point there. And at the risk of sounding ungrateful that I now have a safe- cigarette that COULD spare me the painful death of burning, but still provides the agonizingly slow death of cancer; I have given up ENOUGH stuff in my life. (Drinking and driving, hanging out in bars, and chasing young women. OK, the last one; I didn’t have much choice.)


So forgive me, but I am growing tired of losing freedoms.


Some states have outlawed trans-fat in foods, some want to tax every mile you drive, other states are toying with the idea of a car that can tell if you have been drinking and it will NOT start. Cars already have a dozen reasons why they will not start. I do not need another reason why my car will not start (because I just rinsed with mouthwash.)


For all you people who have been told to smoke outside, or that you shouldn’t supersize your meal, or you have spent 15 minutes trying to open a DVD movie from the theft proof boxes.


Enough is enough…!


We do not need a babysitter.


Sure, someday they might make life so safe that we all live to be 200. However, they are “boring us to death.”


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