You have offended me for the last time

I just read a story in which some people are offended that White actor: Robert Downey Jr was nominated for an award for playing a Black Man in the movie “Tropic Thunder.”

Actually, Robert plays a White actor who is playing a Black man. So it isn’t Robert playing a Black man. (Although he is.) You following me on this..??

So, some people feel that a White guy playing a Black guy is a little Queer.

(I’m sorry. I didn’t mean “queer” as referring to a persons sexual preference.)
Let me try this again…
Some people are offended that a modern movie and a present day actor would actually have a White man paint his face dark and play a Black man.
Do these “offended” people have a point here? Or are they just being gay?

(OK, I screwed up again. I didn’t mean “gay” as in homosexual. I meant “gay” as in “weird.”)
Oh.. Crap..??
I didn’t mean to say that “gay” was weird. I meant “gay” in the sense like they would have used the term “gay” back in the 1940’s. Back when a White man could play a Black Man in a movie and no one would be offended.

OK, I didn’t mean that Black people in the 1940’s were more “tolerant” than Black people today. No, I didn’t mean that at all.
What I was trying to say is that in the 1940’s, you didn’t have people getting offended if a White man played a Black man or an Indian.

Hey, in the 40’s, they called Native Americans: “Indians.”
What the hell does that have to do with me..!!

What the #@$# could I have possibly said that would have offended a cow..??

Hey, all of you “offended” people are really starting to piss me off..!!
I can’t say anything without “offending” someone.

I have never been this “offended” in all my life..!!




Very good , funny but TRUE  ,, THANKS for starting my day with a laugh….


Well done! Good timing too, especially lately.


Everyone gets offended nowadays.  I’m with you on this one…  I guess white people are the only one ANYONE can make fun off    and nobody says one thing.  This world is full of hipocrisy.  If I was white I’d be pissed as hell   lol.  Awesome post!


this was awesome


Oh, too true, all of it.  I’m with Joe – thanks for the laugh!


But wait Rick!!!  What about the movie “White Chicks” where not only did black actors play white people but black men played the parts of white women?  The movie even won a BET Comedy Award!!!  Did anyone claim to be offended by that?  Hmmmm…..?


I am so offended by that!{#yeah-sure.gif}

Rick Said:

Everything on this page has offended me..!!


Let’s just break it down for the libbies who still don’t get it.  To them:
free speech = illegal speech
I’m offended at the hypocrisy of liberals, but then, since I’m white, male, and conservative, it’s not like my opinion matters.  And that’s not racist in the least…nope, nosireebob….


As Hank Hill once said,the only ones you can legally make fun of anymore are middle aged white males. {#flag.gif}