My “fear” of fear


I am starting to fear what it is that I am supposed to be afraid of.


Where does “fear” come from? The media? Childhood?


I can remember being a young child, and like other kids my age, I wanted to fit in. So to be “cool” in 70’s, you had to have seen the newest “Scary Zombie” movie that was in theaters, (a near impossible thing for a young boy to do.)


My mother informed me that there was no way that I would see a “Zombie” movie. She said it would give me nightmares. But, somehow, we found a “willing” parent to take us.


My mother was right…

I had forgotten that we lived in an old house which had stairways that “creaked” for no reason. I forgot how scary the wind sounds at night, when you cannot fall asleep. I was sure that a zombie was in my house. And this zombie was hungry for- ME.





Today, being much more mature, I can chuckle about being afraid of zombies. Nowadays, I would never be afraid of the “undead” because my fears have grown up along with my worldly understanding on life. Today; I do not fear zombies.


Today: I am afraid of peanut butter.


I am afraid of cows that are “mad,” birds that have the flu…


And I fear: “ticks.”


(Though, I’m not really sure what a “tick” is?)


If I were more curious, I bet that a professor at Allegheny College probably has a jar full of “ticks” on display. A person could view these “ticks” running, (IE: hopping, dropping; whatever “ticks” do?) 


I’m not sure what a “tick” looks like, but none the less, I am afraid of them. I fear the tick because they are chuck full of “Lyme Disease” and they pass it on to us.


It is funny how time changes things!


Today, I no longer fear zombies.


As a child, I would never have feared peanut butter, cows that are mad, birds with the flu, or a little bug called a “tick.”


What will we “fear” this summer?


 This next political cartoon appeared in “The Meadville Tribune.”

It was one of the worst cartoons I have done, as of late. However, the joke hit the spot of what was happening in that community.

You could spend several days working on a cartoon to get it right, send it out, and never hear from the papers.

Then you spend an hour throwing ink on paper and that is the cartoon that sells..??

Go figure..??

(Note) Not all of my political cartoons appear on this web site.

I have to keep them private until they are sold, or turned down, by the Newspapers.