Hi, I’m glad that you have stopped by..!!


My name is Rick and I write a monthly column for a Newspaper. (I do a little political cartooning also.)


My other occupation has me traveling over a three state region, (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York) so I get to meet a lot of interesting people. (No, I am not into sales- so I am not trying to sell anything to you.)


I was born in Arizona, raised and lived in Northwest Pa for about 40 years, but I have also lived in Daytona Florida and LA California.


For 15 years, (from 1975 until 1990) I was a disc jockey and an Entertainment Director. (Booking bands, comedians, etc for night clubs.)


Today, I drive around, looking for humor in our day to day lives. Then I try to pour this humor out over two web sites and my Newspaper column.


Again, thanks for stopping by..!!